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You Like to Eat Our Slow Noodle Fast

Slow Noodle Fast Erindale outlet opened in 2005 offering Asian cuisines such as vegetarian noodles and non vegetarian noodles.

At Slow Noodle Fast, we offer fresh ingredients, and recipes that are authentically Asian. The way we cook our noodles is that all ingredients are added separately during the cooking process. Therefore our foods would have more of the Asian flavors. And it’s authenticity.

We are committed to serving finest possible quality food to our customers, prepared under strict hygienic conditions as per international standards.

As quality conscious professionals, we are committed to continuously improve & strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our all staff is trained on production hygiene. Chefs are also regularly trained on all menu preparations where the quality of each dish is classified into its appearance, portion size, freshness and taste. This helps in maintaining consistency throughout the system.